SILMET® is a self-expanding stent made of nitinol, an alloy of nickel and titanium.

With nitinol, NOVATECH makes use of the shape-memory-effect which refers to the ability of nitinol to undergo shape deformation at one temperature, then recover its original undeformed shape at another temperature (here: body temperature). Nitinol is excellently biocompatible while highly resistant to corrosion thus minimizes the risk of trauma. The special mesh structure of the nitinol wire (standard mesh length is 5 mm*) gives SILMET® a high resistance against compression and ensures that the stent maintains its structure and function even in the unlikely event of a broken wire.

For easier localization by X-ray, SILMET® stents have radio-opaque gold markers. Due to the fact that the stent is fully covered, it can even be removed, because the polyester cover minimizes the risk of tissue ingrowth, which may happen if a non-covered or partially covered stent is used. Compared to silicone stents, SILMET® stents have thinner walls allowing a larger airflow.
SILMET® is entirely handcrafted and comes sterile inside its placement system.

SILMET® complements the line of GSS™ and DUMON® silicone stents (both considered as basic references) for such indications which do not allow silicone stent placement.

* mesh length of 10 or 15 mm available for custom made stents

The different types of stents

SILMET® Standard

As a standard, all SILMET® stents are fully covered from end to end by a polyester cover. Two standard designs are available: SILMET® MCS and SILMET® CO.

fully covered, straight
SILMET® MCS stents are available in diameters from 10 to 20 mm (in increments of 2 mm) and in lengths from 20 to 60 mm (in increments of 10 mm). Other diameters and lengths are available on a custom-made basis.

fully covered, conical
Conical stents are defined by three dimensions: length, diameter at the proximal end and diameter at the distal end.We offer two lines of SILMET® CO: A choice of 8 sizes which are available within a few days (standard), plus an additional choice of 17 sizes which are available within 3 to 4 weeks (semi-standard)*. Furthermore, custom-made SILMET® CO with other dimensions are available within 4 to 5 weeks*. SILMET® CO are intended for special situations which cannot be resolved immediately and in which the physician expects an improvement of the patient’s state on a medium or long term.Indications: post-pneumonectomy fistula, anatomical retraction reinforced by compression.

* Availability times within France - in other countries please allow for delays due to shipment times.

Custom Made SILMET®

Stents without cover or partially covered as well as stents with individual shapes and dimensions according to the patient’s needs, are available upon request as custom-made stents.

While all standard SILMET® are available within a matter of a few days, production time including sterilization for custom-made SILMET® is generally 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the stent.*

Custom-made SILMET® stents give the physician a wide choice, as they can have different shapes

  • diabolo
  • conical
  • funnel-shape

or features

  • without cover
  • with partial cover
  • with more than one cover
  • individual mesh length

or properties

  • standard compression resistance
  • extra-strong compression resistance
  • a variation in compression resistance at different parts of the stent

* Availability times within France - in other countries please allow for delays due to shipment times.


  • Self-expanding
  • Atraumatic
  • Highly resistant to compression
  • Large choice of diameters and lengths
  • Large diameters possible (28 mm and more)
  • Removal possible, due to polyester cover, which minimizes the risk of tissue ingrowth
  • Custom made stents available
  • Even in the unlikely event that a wire breaks, a covered SILMET® stent maintains its structure and function.
  • Good radio-visibility due to radio-opaque nitinol wire and gold markers at the ends
  • Can be placed by flexible bronchoscopy, under direct vision or X-ray