STERITALC® — Controlled particle size

STERITALC® — Controlled particle size

STERITALC® consists of talcum, which is mined in France before being further processed specifically for medical purposes (talcum pleurodesis).

STERITALC® is suitable for all indications of pleuro­desis. It is insoluble and induces a permanent pleurodesis. Talcum is more effective and pain-free compared with tetracyclines.

The recommended dose is 2 to 5 g for pleural effusion and 2 g for pneumothorax.

The development of ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) is considered to be a critical side effect of talcum pleurodesis. One possible cause of ARDS may be a systemic dissemination of talcum. In some cases, talcum has also been found in other organs (kidney, spleen, liver) after use in the pleural cavity.

Published studies assume that there is a correlation with talcum particle size: smaller talcum particles revealed a higher systemic spread than larger particles.1

The clinical presentation also shows the effect of different particle sizes: Talcum with an average particle size below 15 µm induced stronger systemic and pulmonary inflammatory reactions than talcum with an average particle size of 25 µm.2

In order to prevent systemic spread, small risk particles (≤  10 μm) are actively eliminated during the STERITALC® production process.
A high proportion of particles ≥ 25 μm in size (mean: 28 μm) is achieved. The high quality is permanently ensured by granulometric control measurements during production and has been clinically proven in numerous studies only for STERITALC®.

Both animal studies3 as well as clinical studies2 have confirmed a lower  systemic dissemination. A multi­centre study has shown that STERITALC® with its calibrated particle size can be safely used for the pleurodesis of malignant pleural effusions. Not one case of ARDS occured in more than 550 patients. The authors recommended that no other form of talcum be used.4

Another cause of ARDS may be sepsis from non-sterile talcum or talcum containing endotoxins5. This can also be ruled out when STERITALC® is used, since STERITALC® is endotoxin-free and sterile.

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REFDescriptionQuantity of medical talcumitems per box
16903STERITALC® F2 Vial, 50 ml2 g4
16913STERITALC® F4 Vial, 50 ml4 g4

STERITALC® PF3 (Poudrage Kit)
Vial 10 ml, with balloon and cannula,
L: 420 mm, OD: 3.0 mm

3 g2 kits
16983Supplement for 16863: Vial, 10 ml3 g4