STERITALC® — Completely sterile

STERITALC® PF3 sterile, in a blister pack

STERITALC® is supplied in a sterile blister for maximum safety

STERITALC® vial F2, F4

STERITALC® vial F2, F4

For instillation in the pleural space

  • as suspension with NaCl (slurry); xylocaine can also be added
  • using a thoracoscope atomiser (poudrage)


  • For direct instillation via thoracoscope using air as a blowing agent
  • Ready-to-use - supplied in a set with 3 g STERITALC®, a cannula, as well as a balloon atomiser

Ordering Information

REFDescriptionQuantity of medical talcumitems per box
16903STERITALC® F2 Vial, 50 ml2 g4
16913STERITALC® F4 Vial, 50 ml4 g4

STERITALC® PF3 (Poudrage Kit)
Vial 10 ml, with balloon and cannula,
L: 420 mm, OD: 3.0 mm

3 g2 kits
16983Supplement for 16863: Vial, 10 ml3 g4