Boutin Trocar

Single use Boutin Trocars for the pleura

For pleural punctions and biopsies

Trocars for the pleura were introduced by Novatech in 1998 in cooperation with Professor C. Boutin (Marseilles, France).

The single use Boutin trocars have a working length of 78 mm. They are available in two diameters (2 and 3 mm) and are equipped with both a sharp and a blunt stylet.

  • 2 mm: for pleural punction only
  • 3 mm: for pleural punction and biopsy

Both trocars can be used to drain biological fluids in case of pleural effusions.

The 3 mm trocar features a three-sided sharp stylet. The shape of the hook was improved in order to provide a sampling quality higher than that of the Abrams needle1).

1) Study by Prof. C. Boutin - Hôpital La Conception, Marseilles. Presentation: CHEST/Toronto/1998


  • sterile, ready for use
  • convenient dispenser box
  • single use, minimizing risk of contamination
  • less traumatic due to diameters adapted to intended use
  • equipped with a three-way stopcock

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Disposable Boutin Trocar
for pleural punction 2 mm, with two stylets, ID: 2.4 mm





Disposable Boutin Trocar
for pleural punction and biopsy, 3 mm, with two stylets, ID: 1.5 mm